Taita. The property, valuation and rates map also includes contours, water services and commonly required hazard zones.. Aerial photography. Open today 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Cemeteries. The suburb that grew the slowest over that period was Silverstream, which grew at a rate of 6.37% per year. The most expensive suburb is Waikanae Beach, which has a median house price of $738,150. That’s 44.49% slower than the median Wellington house price. Over the last 20 years (Jan 2000 – Mar 2020) Carterton house values grew by 7.71% per year. As you can see from the graph below, sometime Wellington house prices are above that long term average and sometimes they're below this average. The region offers both urban and rural living with a variety of landscapes ranging from coastline to mountains. Porirua Property Market, 10 On average, over the last 27 years, Wellington's median house has been 104.42% of New Zealand's median house price. But, over the long term, you would expect that Wellington house prices would trackback to that long term average. Tirohanga. The Wellington property market is made up of 8 districts and 121 suburbs. That’s 24.41% slower than the median Wellington house price. Inspired by the past but transformed for the future, the building will be fully refurbished with a high quality fit out. Lower Hutt was working on the basis that the sea … Not quite sure what you’ll get for 550/week these days but we used to rent a 3 bedroom house in the Bays for that money albeit years ago before we bought our house on the flat. Wellington City, 07 So, which suburbs in the Wellington property market have the highest gross rental yields? Matey is a new franchise member of Express Lawn Mowing and services the Lower and Upper Hutt regions including the suburbs of Alicetown, Hutt Central and Woburn North. {{ getExtra(item) ? Each dot represents a different suburb, and the colour of the dot represents how quickly house prices have increased over the past 20+ years. Waterloo. While the most affordable suburb is Wellington Central, which has a median house price of $450,250. South Wairarapa Property Market, 13 Which Wellington Suburbs Grow in Value The Fastest? Masterton is made up of 6 suburbs. That’s 44.5% slower than the median Wellington house price. Carterton Property Market, 14 Point Howard. The most expensive suburb is Greytown, which has a median house price of $678,150. Covering Suburbs: Lower Hutt. That’s still 13.15% faster than the median Wellington house price over the same period. 597 regular Kiwis have become property investors through our free programme, See the risk each property market faces of an onslaught of AirBnbs converting into residential tenancies, Meet the Opes team – a group of property investors, coaches, analysts and good hardworking people. '—' + getExtra(item) : '' }}, {{ hideFilters ? Property for sale Selling - What we offer! Move into this cute two bedroom house tucked among the native tree life for privacy, with beautiful views of Days Bay and the harbour from most rooms, and where you can sit on the deck to watch the sun go down. That is 12.40% faster than the median Wellington house price. Navigate the map to find the suburbs where houses produce the most cash for their investors. Lower Hutt City vs. Western Suburbs - 24 July 2020 - Soccerway. Are Wellington Houses Overpriced Right Now? List of Suburbs in Lower Hutt, Maps and Street Views. Looking to Invest or buy in the Wellington property market? Subscribe to the Property Academy Podcast, How to Build a Passive Income Through Property, What the Data Shows About How Kiwis Set Goals, Prove You're a Property Investment Expert, 01 If that's true, that means that you can use this comparison to check whether a region appears to be overvalued or undervalued compared to its long term average. From concerts and festivals, to exhibitions, family events and community celebrations, it’s all right here in our calendar of good times! The most expensive suburb is Riverstone Terraces, which has a median house price of $806,800. The suburb that grew the slowest over that period was Greytown, which grew at a rate of 7.88% per year. Epuni can be rough in places (although significantly less so since the state houses were torn down). Lower Hutt City got 11 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses in the past 27 games. A. Alicetown. That means that Kuripuni's median house price is 41.3% cheaper than Wellington's median. Administered by the Hutt City Council, it is one of the four cities that constitute the Wellington metropolitan area.. That is 10.16% faster than the median Wellington house price. How will you send me the property valuation? Waiwhetu. That’s 7.21% slower than the median Wellington house price. Northern Suburbs - Wellington Central - Eastern Suburbs - Karori - Tawa - Porirua - Upper Hutt - Lower Hutt. Harbour View. During that time, the median house price increased from $395,000 to $730,000 – it's peak – in April 2020. Over the last 20 years of all Lower Hutt suburbs (Jan 2000 – Mar 2020), Wainuiomata had the fastest-growing house, at 8.25% per year. You can read all about the Auckland property market, the Hamilton property market and the Christchurch property market by clicking any of the links mentioned here. Your browser does not support the video tag. Lower Hutt is a suburb surrounded by nature, with expansive coastal views and hills lining both sides of the valley. Lower Hutt 5040. Over the last 20 years of all Porirua City suburbs (Jan 2000 – Mar 2020), Cannons Creek had the fastest-growing house, at 9.43% per year. Before European settlement, thick forest covered most of the Hutt Valley, with areas of marshland close to the river's mouth. That means that Seatoun's median house value is 2.19x Wellington's median. Gross Yields of Wellington Suburbs, 04 The redder the dot ... the quicker house prices have grown in that suburb. That is 37.4% faster than the median Wellington house price. 'View' : 'Hide' }} filters, Top tips from the tourism sector livestream, Marketing and making your business visible, Upper Hutt i-SITE Visitor Information Centre. My advise would be not to go too high up though … Tweet. Avalon, New Zealand. Normandale. 2017 high resolution ortho-rectified urban and rural aerial imagery. CareNZ supports anyone concerned about their own or someone else’s use of alcohol or other drugs. State Highway 2, which runs the length of the upper Hutt valley, is known as River Road as it runs along the banks of the Hutt River, effectively bypassing the city itself.. By bus []. Wellington's median house price is currently 107.61% of the national median house price. That is 7.30% faster than the median Wellington house price. Based on those, the average owner of a Wellington property saw their wealth increase by $335,000. MVP – Rashed Suileman (Lower Hutt Green) Western Suburbs Board and Committees. Can you send a … Housing NZ is breaching the Bill of Rights by trying to evict tenants with gang connections from units in Lower Hutt suburb Pomare, a lawyer says. Belmont. Double click on the map below to zoom in and explore different suburbs. Do you have any Lower Hutt specialty suburbs? Lower Hutt is made up of 28 suburbs. Upper Hutt is made up of 15 suburbs. The Workbridge Wellington Centre is situated in Lower Hutt, and covers the Wellington Region which comprises Wellington City and suburbs, Hutt City and suburbs, and Porirua City and suburbs. For consultative advice or a friendly chat on all your Real Estate … The suburb that grew the slowest over that period was Wellington Central, which grew at a rate of 3.81% per year. To put this in simple term, if the median house price in New Zealand was $100,000, we'd expect Wellington's median house price to be $104,420. Porirua City is made up of 13 suburbs. Wellington's Median House Price is $677,510. If you found this article useful, then you might also like our analyses on the other property markets in New Zealand. Perhaps, it's not surprising then that the region saw enormous capital growth in the following five years. The area is home to five regional parks, dozens of tracks and trails, and the mighty Hutt River, making it a perfect destination for fishing, tramping, and mountain biking. Which Wellington Suburbs Have the Highest Yields? Original in the mail & a pdf version via email. While the most affordable suburb is Otaki Beach, which has a median house price of $477,600. Phone: 04 913 6400 or FREE 0508 858 858. That is 20.23% faster than the median Wellington house price. All of Wellington is covered. You can see this by hovering over the data in the Wellington Median House Price graph below. Lower Hutt City v Western Suburbs Men's Central League 2020 7pm, 24th July 2020 - Fraser Park Livestream https://vimeo.com/440945383/290d8a2161 Introduction, 02 While the most affordable suburb is Moera, which has a median house price of $498,950. This article breaks down all the most essential facts about the Wellington property market. The small library room could be used as a single bedroom. Alicetown. Email: wellington@workbridge.co.nz. Selling residential property from sections "off the plans real estate" old villas, New - You name it we've sold it and we sell it! There is a separate kitchen and combined lounge and dining. Masterton Property Market, 12 Pages in category "Suburbs of Lower Hutt". The Wellington region is located on the south western tip of the North Island. and the winning rate is 41%. These districts are Wellington City, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Carterton, Masterton and South Wairarapa. Lower Hutt is made up of 28 suburbs.
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