However, if you can afford the high price and the lengthy wait, a Jambo brand smoker might be your best option. A couple though, like finding if the wheels lock, is very important. Includes folding … The beauty of the performance appears to be based in getting many small details absolutely perfect. 1/4. It has tons of cooking space and is capable of cooking many different foods simultaneously. per page. It’s a massive tank of a smoker that is incredibly eye catching. While it uses more fuel than other smokers on this list, that can be forgiven as the smoker will last a very long time and produce consistent and flavorful results. This can be a very helpful feature for barbecuers who are strapped on space or don’t have an extra table readily available to them. It has temperatures that can range from 50 degrees to 500 degrees, the highest temperature on this list, as well as the widest range, and has 8 square feet of cooking space to boast. Look, these high end pits are freaking awesome but the reality is that most people do not have $2,000-$10,000 to spend on a high end, well engineered offset. Luckily, this model comes with two wagon style wheels that are capable of mobilizing in on hard surfaces, but is not recommended for off road movements. For the price, you can’t really beat this unit. These features, while more expensive and costly than not upgrading, can come in handy and potentially save you from having to spend extra money on similar features made from outside of the company. For the price asked of the Longhorn offset smoker, we wish there would be a bit bigger distinction of features from this model to the other two. The Pitts & Spitts Ultimate Smoker Pit prides itself on being a very versatile smoker that is capable of anything from meat to pizza. Gator Pit as a company, however, has a very high reputation for both customer service and the quality of their smokers. As friends start to trickle in, watch the anticipation of the crowd grow, as pulled pork and ribs cook to perfection under the lid of your smoker. Offset smokers are cumbersome, bulky, and difficult to move and store. So whatever price range you’re looking at, be rest assured in knowing that the Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera is a smoker that performs well above its price point. With all of these features, the Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro is not as expensive as you might think it would be. The Lang 36" Patio Smoker is a hybrid smoker, meaning that it is half a smoker, and half a barbecue grill. There was a LOT of R&D that went into the design of the firebox, baffle angle and massive chrome smoke stack. However, if that is a trade off that you are willing to make, you may find that the design of the smoker helps to create a more flavorful taste to your meats. You could quite literally grill your entire meal at the same time with this grill, as it is capable of grilling and smoking at a diverse range of different temperatures. While this can make them easier to move around, thinner metal doesn’t hold heat particularly well. It comes in at 128 pounds and has four wheels, though the wheels are very small and should not be used for anything other than movements on hard surfaces. This makes this smoker very diverse and capable of many different recipes and meats. Some customers have reported that their included thermometers weren't always accurate, but it can be easily replaced by a more effective thermometer. A vertical smoker has the heat source right below the food being cooked, while a horizontal smoker has the heat source directly to the side of the food being cooked. If you really want an offset smoker but are on a budget then let me suggest two options. As with all Lang brand smokers, they use a reverse flow design. The Horizon 16" Classic Smoker is a very diverse smoker. With the smoker’s expensive price, however, you get the most unique looking smoker, and probably the highest quality smoker on the market. There are drawbacks to an offset smoker though, as the fire needs to be stoked about every 45 minutes to an hour on average. This grill is fairly limited on the features that it offers without paying extra to upgrade. However,  we hope this buyers guide has helped you find your top pick in offset smokers. This type of design is called a Reverse Flow Smoker. It comes with a few additional features, but in total doesn’t really have any features that make this smoker stand out. The Smokin’ Pro largely has positive reviews across the internet, gaining 4 out of 5 stars on their website, and is highly thought of among grillers who are just starting. The pull-out expanded metal cooking grates provide even more space, while stay-cool stainless-steel handles promote safety. This offset smoker comes with features like rust resistant cooking grates, a firebox ash door and three extra cooking grates. However, because of the unique, vertical design, it will take up less space than your usual, horizontally designed smoker. This Royal Gourmet can pack quite a punch and deliver quality meats as a result. If you’re considering this grill, we have to stress that buying a combo smoker and grill can be risky as they tend to burn out quicker. This smoker has a very wide base, allowing you to smoke many different meats at the same time. That’s okay…you can buy a lot of brisket with the extra $4,500 when you get the Reverse Flow Longhorn. Best High-End Pellet Smoker REC TEC RT-680 Wood Pellet Grill REC TEC Wood Pellet Smoker – The best all round pellet smoker. We've cut right to the chase and are revealing our top picks for each category right away, followed by more in-depth reviews of each of the 22 offset smokers we considered. When using an offset smoker, be familiar with the fuel source options that are available to you. When deciding on a charcoal offset smoker, think of what you want it for and what features you want it to have. This could be your grill if there are many different methods or items that you have been wanting to smoke. It offers a temperature gauge with temperature controllers and cool touch handles, but those are both standard features at this point. This is widely preferred among pitmasters as it results in a smokier and juicier meat than a conventional smoker. Beginners tend to buy something cheap in order to gain experience and learn as much as possible, and once they feel confident, that’s when they start looking for something more high-end. To measure the temperature while operating your offset smoker, make sure that you have a good smoker thermometer. When it comes to pellet cookers, a lot of people think using a pellet cooker is cheating, or is crutch to mastering the … The best BBQ smoker is relative for the cook, but many purists will argue that an offset delivers the truest form of BBQ. This is a very spacious model and should be able to handle all of your foods at one time. Full of features, this grill comes with a charcoal hopper that makes it easier to add charcoal than others models at a similar or even higher price. However, it also has a smoker offset attached, making it a smoker grill combo. So while this grill doesn’t come with a wide range of additional features, it’s nice to see that the important and common ones are still there. A very common complaint, like many other offset smokers, is that the paint bubbles and then chips very quickly.