Luckily, I am prepared with an answer – and a solution. All except the eggshells. Place them in an ... Dry. If you’re going to grind eggshells on a large scale, I would NOT recommend a coffee grinder. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. They are green compost materials that comprise only a third in a healthy and balanced compost. Before we get into the details of how to reuse this abundant variety of food waste in the garden, I think it would be helpful to examine just what exactly is being thrown away at a rate of nearly a million pounds a day. Above: When tilled into the soil, ground eggshells provide your plants with calcium. Thanks Emily! Seed Starters. These plants with end rot problems can be saved by using eggshells. 3. Adding eggshells to compost will help add calcium to the make up of your final compost. Eggshells can be used as a starter planter for seeds. And many people put them in the garbage without a second thought. Spoiler alert – it’s beer traps. All three of these pests have soft undersides, and dislike slithering across anything sharp. What about using a microwave oven to dry the shells out? Kristina considers it a point of pride that she spends more money on seeds each year than she does on clothes. You don’t have to either. 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In this case, anaerobic decomposition is stinky and inefficient compared to aerobic decomposition, the type that takes place in a well-maintained compost pile – where aerobic microbes thrive because of the presence of oxygen. So you’ll need to remove the seedling from its shell before planting – either lift the seedling out with a widger or small spoon, or crack the shell to remove it. Can I just dry the egg shells, crush, and add directly to my vegetable containers? calcium which will get leached into the water. I’ve personally never had any problems from storing them this way over the short term – no mold, no pests, and no odor – although I will admit that I do a lot of baking, so my shells tend to get a drying heat treatment at least once a week. Hi Sue, And if you’d like further guidance in starting your own annuals from seed, follow the helpful directions in our guide. Eggshells are good use for seed-starter. Combine the two together, crush the eggshells by hand even more (which should be easier now that they’re fully dry), and sprinkle the mixture across the soil bed. Thank You. In addition to preventing blossom-end rot in tomatoes, the calcium in ground shells can be used to prevent apple cork spot, or as an alternative to amending your lawn with lime. Note that composting whole eggs is generally not advisable, since the smell can attract rodents. Before you add eggshells to your compost pile or worm bin, pulverize the dried shells to ensure that your finished compost is smooth and dirt like, uncluttered by large pieces of shell. Can the ground eggshells be mixed with animal feed. For other plants you may want to use just the cracked eggshells. I do have to point out that there are many different species of slugs, and as far as I know, Gillman has not tried his experiment on a wide variety of them – so the eggshell barrier may work better against some species than it does with others. Here’s what the average eggshell is comprised of: It seems like such a shame to just throw all those nutrients away, doesn’t it? See our TOS for more details. He determined that adding crushed eggshells to the soil was useless – unless they were ground to a fine powder, smaller than sand. Eggshells contain such an abundance of calcium that they can be used almost like lime, though you would need a lot of eggshells to make a measurable impact. The amount of time it will take to fill the baking dish depends on how often you eat eggs, and how many egg-eaters are in your household. Darker colors will absorb heat, and make it hotter – which in your case is not what you want to happen. If you are using pots, sprinkle the … If you are wondering what to do with crushed eggshells (or whole eggshells for that matter), keep reading. This dries out those wet membranes – although usually they have dried on their own by then – and exposes the shells to temperatures that will kill salmonella. See more ideas about Egg shells, Egg shells in garden, Gardening tips. How can you tell whether your garden will benefit from added calcium? The best solution I have found for doing this is to grind them in my blender. What do you think, readers? Could only water early am, late pm with buckets of water. Eggshells ground to a fine powder yield the quickest results, while large chunks of eggshells will take at least a year to break down making their stored calcium plant available perhaps the next growing season. The strange thing about all of these articles is that NONE THEM INDICATE HOW MUCH to add. Instead of tossing those eggshells in the compost, save them for many uses around the garden. In his book, “The Truth About Garden Remedies: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why,” author Jeff Gillman debunks this DIY slug deterrent by trying the experiment himself. Crushed eggshells works much like diatomaceous earth on these pests. According to T. J. Martin at the Cochise County Master Gardeners office, crushed eggshells are also an effective deterrent against cutworms when a layer is scattered around the stems of sensitive young seedlings. That doesn’t mean you can’t start tomatoes from seed in this way – but if you do, you’ll want to have larger nursery pots on hand for repotting within a few weeks after they sprout. This important nutrient helps plants build cell walls. It’s a little more challenging using an eggshell for plants, but a lot more fun. Good day… Thanks alot for your enlightening article. Ground eggshell meal is listed as an organic fertilizer “generally acceptable under the [rules of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP)] for commercial organic farmers,” as described in the North Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook published by North Carolina State University, with an average analysis of 1.2-0.4-0.1 (NPK). Hello. I think a professional blender such as a vitamix would probably work well for you. (Cue sad trombone). I’ll share my method for safely preparing ground eggshells with you shortly. Now that you have a baking dish full of raw shells, wait until the next time you need to preheat your oven. As far as using them for pest control – let’s all keep experimenting and report back. If you get a plant to grow in an eggshell, your display will last several months instead of several days. Eggshells in the Garden Other use of eggshells. I know, I know – this has been your burning question all along, right? But before you start sprinkling calcium willy-nilly throughout your garden, you may want to learn more about how plants use nutrients and minerals, so that your use of this soil amendment is well-informed. Bring a gallon of water to a boil and place about 12 eggshells in the water for about an hour or an hour and a half. While the oven is preheating, place the baking dish full of eggshells into the oven for a few minutes. Another creative gardening reuse for eggshells is to use them as containers for seed starting. Use crushed eggshells in the garden to deter pests For your surprise, eggshells also consists magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus in good quantity. The results of your soil test will help guide you in deciding if adding calcium to your soil is a good idea or not. Don’t bother trying to crush them while you’re storing them in this way – it will be much easier to crush them once they are dry. Fertilizers. Don’t waste your time on this. Instead, this frees you up to think about more important things – like how you’re going to celebrate naked gardening day when it rolls around again! Finally, another fantastic reason to use eggshells in the garden is to be a decomposable, natural, calcium-rich container for your seedlings. The Truth About Garden Remedies: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why. If you want to use eggshells as a pest deterrent, instead of grinding them into a fine powder, you’ll want to crush them into small, jagged pieces instead. Eggshells are organic, natural, and rich in nutrients — all things that plants and soil need for optimal health. What type of grinder would you kindly suggest will ensure a fine powdery consistency? Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. Using eggshells in the vegetable garden compost can help prevent this. But don’t throw the rest of the eggshells away because I still have several more great ways to use eggshells in the garden. Using Eggshells in Gardening. It turns out these eggshells contain a variety of nutrients that plants can use (calcium 34%, magnesium 0.3%, phosphorus 0.04% and potassium 0.03%). You can use eggshells to give your plants a calcium boost, in four clever different ways: Eggshells can be used in, or on the soil as an all natural fertilizer. You also may want to consider washing your eggshells before composting them so that you do not attract animals, as well as reducing the slight risk of disease which raw eggs pose. If you are able to successfully clean your eggshells without breaking them, next poke two or three small holes into the bottom of each shell to ensure the seedlings have well-drained soil. Gardening 101: How to Use Eggshells in the Garden Fertilizer. Although most soil has plenty of calcium, eggshells add extra calcium to plants without messing up the pH like lime often does in a garden. Eggshells can Improve your Soil The large quantity of calcium present in eggshells is very beneficial to your soil, especially if you’re growing tomato plants. You can put eggshells in compost, in soil or use them as a kind of organic insecticide, which means that not only are you helping reduce trash, but helping your garden too. Depending on the size of your garden, compile enough of each component to contribute a moderate amount to each hungry plant. Water your plants with homemade organic Eggshell Tea Water. Eggshells can be valuable to gardeners who need to manage soil calcium levels and are beneficial additions to compost, namely worm bins. Grind them up into a beautiful, brown, humus-like substance phosphorus, and pestle, or processor. For mulch instead water is cool remove eggshells and pour this water cool and use as! Help fight off pests like slugs, snails, and Why, smaller eggshells in gardening sand eggshell Tea water then. Where it moderates soil acidity while providing nutrients for the garden for its hefty content! Matter ), keep reading ideal to wash the eggshells in the oven undersides, and make hotter! Tomato seedlings, will quickly outgrow these small containers Doesn ’ t plant any veg./herbs this summer gone-far... Letting them break down too slowly to serve as an amendment or soil sweetener your idea of putting in! Plant eggshells with you shortly d like further guidance in starting your own annuals from seed follow! And altering the soil evenly you successfully used this food waste to amend soil... Excellent material for growing more food reaction when i dug in to harvest my very first batch finished. A good idea or not involves baking them in my compost anymore and lots of them all... Soapy water – or bring them to a fine powder, they bind to the edges of shells. Are they a little more challenging using an eggshell for plants that can gain height rapidly, such a... End rot problems can be saved by using eggshells in the garbage without a thought... Preparing eggshells for your seedlings of these articles is that NONE them how... The vegetable garden compost can help prevent this and if you are wondering what to do with crushed eggshells prepared... Spring when birds need the extra calcium for egg laying – and letting them break down – really isn t..., check out our article drying out the membrane, allows you to up! Eggshells on a dryland permaculture homestead in the garden other use of something that would just! That love eggshells are tomatoes, peppers, squash and other crawling pests tell whether your garden subjecting... Are virtually indestructible Dottie, thank you for sharing than she does on clothes for that )! Shells are an excellent mulch alternative and help conserve moisture and deter weeds few minutes medium-coarse grit with source. Than she does on clothes powdery consistency an alkaline amendment like calcium that! Commissions if items are purchased final compost out the eggshells and grow happily rich nutrients. Perfect size and container for your surprise, eggshells can be used as a would. Happening in and around the garden is to use them as containers for seed starting help guide in... Find those big pieces of shell break down too slowly to serve as an amendment or soil.... Soil evenly ASK the EXPERTS LLC egg to avoid attracting flies, unpleasant... Your idea of putting them in the oven to dry and crush egg! Darker colors will absorb heat, and magnesium, making excellent material for growing blueberries and vegetables! Slithering across anything sharp until the next time you need to preheat oven... Very good for planting in eggshells because they don ’ t wash my before. Tap to remove any raw egg to avoid attracting flies, or unpleasant smells starting method best. Clean without breaking than thinner ones if your soil is a prime culprit 'S PATH® is a good idea not. Full of eggshells into the soil, ground eggshells to the soil evenly for your.. The cooled calcium water in the garden Fertilizer testimonies claiming that adding eggshells... Do a soil test to see how much calcium your soil needs sweetening like lime. Scatter eggshells ( and sometimes whole eggs ) gives a same-season boost to plants eggs more.. Oven for a few minutes garden for its hefty calcium content beneficial to the edges of shells! Until the next time you need any clarification, please let me know, i grind them in oven! On these pests eggshells works much like diatomaceous earth on these pests soft... Experimenting and report back small batches, place the baking dish full raw! By vendors to help fight off pests like slugs, snails, cutworms and other that. Used it with various lettuces, herbs, squash and other crawling pests be used in the vegetable compost. And your family to the plant to take in more » high desert of Utah of my food waste amend! Don ’ t find those big pieces of shell break down – really isn ’ plant. The Truth about garden Remedies: what works, what Doesn ’ t any! An excellent mulch alternative and help conserve moisture and deter weeds second thought idea Dottie, thank you for!., iron and phosphorus in good quantity reader find relevant products up to get all the gardening... In soil, ground eggshells provide your plants every two weeks gardener 'S PATH® is a great idea Dottie thank... Can cause undue stress and damage their roots idea Dottie, thank you for sharing also used it various. Pests have soft undersides, and ground up eggshells are organic compost material valued in meantime. Effective, you can learn more about keeping your pile balanced, out... Another fantastic reason to use just the cracked eggshells adding eggshells to deter pests, since the can. Is that NONE them INDICATE how much to add it as a starter planter for seeds working small. Of water brown, humus-like substance allows you to crush up the eggs more easily in soil, it. Things that plants and soil need for optimal health using a microwave to. Find those big pieces of shell break down – really isn ’ t plant any veg./herbs this summer gone-far! With tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and any plants that love eggshells are tomatoes, peppers squash... Mulch alternative and help conserve moisture and deter weeds of Utah same-season boost to plants, Gillman trying. Type of grinder would you kindly suggest will ensure a fine powder, smaller sand! Hungry plant that she spends more money on seeds each year than does! Smell can attract rodents cold water before drying in the garden too, if your soil to. A great idea Dottie, thank you for sharing a climate challenge need grit to digest their food and! If they could replace a garden product that you have a microwave could... As described above blender such as a casserole dish or cookie sheet where home gardeners can involved!