684 likes. So, I tested that out, going from all the weight selected (including the adder weights) to just the empty handle weight (including the adder weights). I’m not sure if the handle is more in the middle of the pro exp model compared to the exp model. The PowerBlock Sport EXP model includes an auto-lock for smaller weight adjustments, allowing you to remove one or both of the 2.5 lbs. OUT OF STOCK! I’ve put my Ironmaster’s through many grueling workouts. If you have the Pro EXP Stage 3 set, you’ll be able to max out the curl bar at 190 lbs! > PowerBlock EXP Review – Stylish Metal on Metal. Stage 3). Rating. The difference vs the welded units is that the steel rod on goes through the end steel plates (which of course are urethane coated) and is secured with a permanent bolt, as shown below: They have an EZ curl bar and straight bar, which hold the quick-lock plates, and close with a spin-lock collar. I had the original Powerblocks that lasted me 15 years until I handed them down to my daughter and her husband two years ago–they still function perfectly. OR, simply place the handle back in the weight stack, and the lever will automatically be pushed back into the locked position (this is the “auto-lock” feature). I am However, over the past couple years -- starting with the new Sport Series in late 2016 -- newer models, including the Pro EXP dumbbells, have switched to the open handle design. And it’s overall great. $ 429.00 Add to cart; Pro EXP Set, 5-50 lb. In terms of which kettlebell is better between the two, I have to give the edge to the Ironmaster since it maintains the same, relatively small width as you add weight (though it gets longer); whereas, the PowerBlock gets significantly wider as you add weight, making impractical to use for certain kettlebell exercises beyond a certain weight (though the PowerBlock one has a heavier max weight by 15 lbs — 95 lbs vs 80 lbs). 00. The Stage 3 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. I already have a set of Ironmaster Dumbbells with the 120 lb add on kit, a set of hex dumbbells 5 to 50 lbs and a set of pro-style dumbbells 10 - 90 lbs. The other major difference in the new flex pin's design is that the two prongs are split into a top and bottom half: On the old metal pins, each prong was just a single (non-split) metal rod, which inserted in just one slot beneath the desired weight plate setting. Would you recommend pro exp over the support model? The only other bench I might consider looking into that also has these attachments is the Ironmaster bench — You can read my. My knuckles aren’t close to hitting the adder weight tubes; there’s plenty of clearance, and I definitely have larger than average hands. I’m assuming they said the max weight was 55 lbs, because you can still do most kettlebell exercises without issue at that size. I called the powerblock customer service number and they said the earliest they would be available is 3 months from now in June and that is not guaranteed. The Commercial Pro 90 handle is knurled, made of steel and is straight in shape. Nordic 12.5 lb. The attachment includes the straight steel bar itself, with its own PowerBlock handles permanently affixed to each end. Hey Alex, The sport model looks to be more compact so I’m wondering whether to go for a more compact model. I went to a showroom and tried out other Powerblock versions and none of them had this problem this problem of the Powerblock EXP's . That said, if you want to do every dumbbell exercise exactly like you would with a traditional dumbbell, the Ironmaster is best. They're by far the best overall non-commercial PowerBlock model you can buy, in my opinion. Having the knurl will give you even more grip. The Pro 125 can be expanded to 175 with the add-on kit in the ‘expansions’ tab.-$ 329.00 – $ 1,948.00. And it does come with a nice stand. However, it’s a noteworthy feature, so I’ll give it its own section here. I can’t work from watching videos of bicep curls and overhead tricep curls as to whether they are as effective with the powerblocks vs ironmaster given that powerblocks have the strange box form. PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbbells (pair) ... Read all reviews for PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbells (pr) 2 Reviews. If you’re interested in the Ironmasters, I’d recommend you read my review of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells here for more information. Like a lot of us, I have been trying to buy a pair of adjustable Powerblocks or Ironmaster dumbbells to outfit a garage gym during the pandemic. This is done by having a lever controls whether the cylinders are open or closed. This is strong and more than “grippy” enough for just about any scenario. Build Quality & Durability. Thanks, Andy! It’s more helpful to look at the actual weight with different plates selected. Also, it only has 5 lbs increments; not 2.5 lb increments like the Pro EXP, since there are no adder weights in the commercial version. Be the first to review “Pro EXP Set, 5-70 … I have a hard time buying the foldable since I worry about it collapsing. I don’t really know the difference here, but I’m assuming Zytel is slightly better. SKU: PB-PRO-EXP-5-70 Categories: DUMBBELLS, FUNCTIONAL, HOME GYM, POWERBLOCK, STRENGTH Tags: Dumbbells, FUNCTIONAL, Home Gym, powerblock. 04. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this knowing that you don’t speak for Powerblocks. I also know that the commercial pro lacks the 2.5 adjustment bars and they instead have a pair of 10 lb and 5 lb handles, which limits the adjustments to 5 lb increments. without buying an entire rack of dumbbells. areas that help to add stability to performing exercises. Image source: n1 qualified man. 21 or 27 sets of dumbbells depending how many extensions you are using. Pro EXP Stage 2 Set ‹ › Powerblock Pro EXP Stage 2 Set. The selector pin is two-pronged, with each prong being split into a top and bottom portion. My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! @ 70 lbs = 14 5/8″ Awesome! I absolutely love them! I’m not sure how it was with the (now-discontinued) U90 model, though. Even though you lose out on the smaller increments with the commercial version, it is a bit easier/faster to change weight when switching handles compared to adding/removing adder weights. Availability: In stock. I wonder if anyone tried the new expansion kits on the old Urethane 90? Unless they are pictures of someone else’s. Remove the dumbbell from the weight stack by grasping the handle grip and pulling the dumbbell directly up. Your Rating. I think the new features in the Pro were great additions. Another question is I check Powerblock online store, the Pro series has expandable and non-expandable model, are there any different between them, like durability or comparability? For example, if you want the heaviest dumbbell right now, you would buy the Stage 3 Set. That said, it’s still useful at heavier weights for other exercises like one arm kettlebell rows, 1 arm carries, etc. I was just wondering how is the durability of your pro exp dumbbells holding up so far? Thanks, Kirk! It just takes a little bit of time before you get accustomed to the feel. I am going to be a lot busier in the upcoming months and won’t be able to go to the gym as much as i do now(5 times a week). Handle is seated quite low, that means if you have In my opinion, these are the best looking dumbbells from PowerBlock series. 15% off (1 days ago) Enjoy 15% Off PowerBlock Coupons & Promo Codes November, 2020. ... Pros. Of course, part of this depends on your budget and how expensive $600 is for you in terms of your financial position. You Save: $ 190.00. It weighs 25 lbs at its lightest, with just the bar and empty handles. I have the foldable stand, which I use for my Pro EXP Stage 3 set. slide the pin right back in & you’re good to go. However, they’re all reasonably close to 10 lbs each (the gray was exactly 10.0 lbs for me and the black was 9.20 lbs, or 9.57 lbs with the attached selector pin included). The accessories are a BIG reason to go with the Pro EXP vs other sets if you’re on the fence about them. You already mentioned one of the main differences between the two models: That the commercial version has 2 different handles for 5 lb increments with no adder weights vs 1 handle with 2 adder weights for 2.5 or 5 lb increments. The top portion of each prong insert in the handle slot directly above the plate's side rail; the bottom part of each prong inserts in the slot directly below. I’m really struggling in making the choice. It’s closer to 7.5 lbs. They’re super sturdy. $ 439.00 Read more; Pro EXP Set, 5-70 lb. 90.68 lbs / 90 lbs / +0.75% PowerBlock Elite 50 adjustable dumbbells are particularly noteworthy for their space-saving capabilities. You can see compare the dimensinons at 50 lbs and 70 lbs by referencing the PowerBlock comparison chart on this page: https://www.kingofthegym.com/powerblock-dumbbells/. Add to cart. **disclaimer, scale was purchased from Amazon for $16. Very tidy also when you have less … ...However, it can actually work with ALL of the weight plates on a complete Stage 3 set, meaning the max weight is actually 95 lbs (with both adder weigths)! EXP means expandable and you can expand this set later to 70 lbs and again to 90 lbs with optional expansion kits. Ils ont une recouvrement en uréthane pour favoriser leur durabilité. Sure, they’d likely survive accidentaly drops, but it does elevate the risk of damage. I’m pretty sure the Pro EXP dumbbells don’t have any plastic in the rod. At what weight would you say that it becomes too wide to use for kb swings for the average person. Also, not many people will need to do exercises with just 5 lbs. Whereas the expandable models (Pro EXP sets) can be expanded to a max weight of 90 lbs (i.e. I know you’ll love the dumbbells. Stylish metal on metal type of compact dumbbells that combine superior quality, ergonomics & durability all in one. There are small 2.5 pound weight increments that are excellent If you want to get more serious with kettlebell training, it’s probably advisable to get a traditional set. From the pictures, it shows that you’ve definitely used those IronMaster’s “well” over the years. Most other companies selling selectorized dumbbells have a 1 year warranty or less. the opening of the hollow cylinders is pointed to the floor), then the weights fall right out onto the floor -- or your foot -- if you move the lever to the open position. I love the detailed review on every model of powerblock that you provided and I appreciate it.I I just wanted to know what the main differences are between the Pro 90 and Commercial Pro 90 in terms of build quality. If you want more than 90 lbs, then the Pro 125/175 is the only way to go. The PowerBlock Pro Series, which includes the Pro EXP sets, is the only line of home use PowerBlocks currently in production that feature Urethane coating on weight plates. 2. Hi Alex, It’s really not a case of one being better overall than the other. That means increments are in as little as 2.5 lbs using the adder weights (for even loading between left and right side, the minimum increment would be 5 lbs). I haven’t lifted for a while and want to get back into it. However, looking at the accuracy of the plates by themselves doesn’t give you the full picture of the accuracy. Required fields are marked *, Hey! With the dumbbells in their stand or flat on the floor, remove the selector pin from its current position. Hi Brian, yes I personally think those features are worth the extra $140. The product description states that it’s only meant to be used with Pro EXP Stage 1 weights, meaning it would go from a minimum 10 lbs (just the handle, no adder weights) to a maximum of 55 lbs…. Add or remove the one or both of the adder weights as needed. In this PowerBlock Pro EXP review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand new addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells product lineup. Hi Charles, I’ve personally used mine for push ups many times — And I weight 215 lbs right now. This PowerBlock Straight Bar attachment is 55 inches long, so a bit over 4 feet long. excellent product would highly recommend makes switching between weights easy and quick. That is (almost) correct, Andy. I have pro Rexan set that lasted over 20 years. 00. Elite/Classic, Sport, PowerBlock). Still, there are certainly many exercises you could do at heavier weights, so it’s great that you at least have the option to add a full 40 lbs over the stated limit. The plastic compound that the pin is made of, is designed specifically to bend. Mode de fonctionnement : Les haltères ajustables PowerBlock Pro EXP fonctionnent intuitivement. The benefits of the urethane coating include: The non-welded “flex” design of the weight brackets is another design element, along with the urethane coating, that is completely unique to the Pro Series dumbbells. You may accidentally pick up one or more extra plates that could fall off during use. I read reviews on the newer regular exp model that the handle sits very low to the adder weights and some peoples hand sit against them and it is uncomfortable. And it doesn’t have adder weight holes, so increments with the Pro EXP weights are 10 lbs instead of 5 lbs (and so the max possible weight is 90 lbs instead of 95 lbs). Ajouter à la wishlist. The wedge design gives you significantly more front-to-back space in the upper portion of the handle... ...Why is this extra space in the upper handle so useful? And the feature has since been adopted all other new models/series since then, including the PowerBlock Series and, of course, the Pro Series dumbbells. This isn’t something you usually have to think about since the “auto-lock” feature ensures the lever is automatically moved up into the locked position when inserting the handle into the weight stack. PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 3 Add On Kit Reviews This product has been reviewed by 2 people with average rating of 4.5. Basically, you’ll only notice an imbalance if you rotate the bar during the exercise, such that the blocks on each end turn from being rightside up to being sideways or upside down — the way to avoid this on exercises like curls where you have to rotate the bar, is to choose the right starting position (generally, this is where the blocks will be rightside up/parallel to the floor, or. Take Your Workout Further Accessories. In the videos below you’ll get a more thorough review of each individual adjustable dumbbell so that you can see them in more detail. @ 40 lbs = 11 1/4″ how much clearance there is between my knuckles and the adder weight tubes. On the one hand, these very useful adjustable dumbbells are expandable just as is an old-school pair of adjustable dumbbells that uses cast iron weight plates; while, on the other hand, they have the look and weight adjusting system of a genuinely cutting edge adjustable dumbbell system! Great question, Mike. You can see exactly what I mean by “flex” design in the image below: The ability of each end of the weight block frame to flex side to side like this makes the dumbbell MUCH more resistant to damage from short drops or other impacts. Do NOT grab them by the weight brackets, as this could cause the pin to move out of place and the weight plates could potentially fall. That said, I’ll try to reach out to PowerBlock directly to see if they can shed some light on this topic. Ajouter à la wishlist. $ 329.00 Add to cart; Pro 50 Set, 5-50 lb. Today, I had another stroke of luck when I visited Rep Fitness’ website and saw they finally had the AB-3000 FID bench in stock–ordered that on the spot and it, too, is already on its way to me.
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